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Kate Elsey

Kate Elsey

Artist, Kate Elsey, draws on her extensive travels throughout Western Australia and the landscape of the South West region, where she is located to use as inspiration for her paintings.

The uniqueness, she says, is quite unlike anywhere else on earth.

‘The Stirling Ranges National Park always captures my imagination,’ she says. ‘It has a unique climate that has resulted in an incredible 1500 species of Australian wildflowers, of which over 100 are found nowhere else on earth.’

Elsey’s paintings are displayed throughout the Hotel for all to admire and she says it’s an exciting opportunity to collaborate with InterContinental Perth City Centre where she can share her love of Western Australia’s natural wonders. The work starts with a sketch, charcoal and in interpretations of the landscapes. Elsey has even been known to take a large canvas or paper out into the bush and use textures of the barks, leaf and shrubbery to get quick impressions down in the moment. Elsey says paintings can take from five days to a year or more, however the work for InterContinental Perth City Centre was created over the course of six months, while inspired by a three-year focus on Western Australia.

‘There is a texture of the wilderness I am focused on. The ‘architecture’ and rhythm of our natural world is abundant with surprising colour and intrigue.’

With a total of 17 works in the collection for InterContinental Perth City Centre, the largest two, measure 2.1m x 3m.

The Queen and the Cockatoo, inspired by the rare queen of sheba and related spider orchids and Banksia City, inspired by the ancient river beds and banksia forests of Western Australia are sure to draw attention from guests passing by.

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