Magda Jourbert

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For Magda Jourbert, one of Intercontinental Perth City Centre’s featured artists, the vast landscape of Western Australia offered an abundance of inspiration for her work, Theatre of Bloom.

As with much of her work, Joubert immerses herself in the natural surrounds of fauna and flora; feeling, seeing and hearing all the elements of the environment before the first brushstroke is made.

‘I spend hours and days in a specific site, just to be in it and observe, and use all of my senses to experience the place,’ Joubert explains.

‘For the hotel, I wanted to share my view of the unique bushland surrounds of Perth. It is rare to be able to experience natural bushland while you are still in a city.’

The paintings, which consist of 37 designs with a unique variation of each design, draw inspiration from the Aboriginal land of the Noongar people, where the hotel is located.

‘I have been intrigued for a long time about the Noongar’s belief that there are six seasons in a year,’ says Joubert.

Joubert has also paid tribute to the hotel’s location and close neighbour, His Majesty’s Theatre. Wanting to bring in some of this culture, Joubert wrote an Imaginative Play on the bloom of a wildflower in the bush.

The last layer of inspiration for the work is the Hotel’s architecture and specifically the shape and size of the windows throughout the property.

‘It is almost as though there is no barrier between the outside and the inside,’ Joubert says.

‘This lens-like window towards the nature that surrounds Perth inspired the dimensions and framing of the paintings as well as the content.’

Joubert uses a limited palette and mixes her own range of colours to ensure she gets the bold and vibrant shades, which can be seen in her work.

The Noongar Six Seasons  

Birak, December to January – Hot and Dry

Bunuru, February to March – Fruiting Season

Djeran, April to May – First Rains

Makuru, June to July – The Cold and Wet

Djilba, August to September – Becoming Warmer

Kambarang, October to December – The Flowering

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